Local businesses earn awards for workplace safety

Mebane Assistant City Manager Chris Rollins (far left) and Mebane Recreation and Parks Director Aaron Davis (second from left) join with North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry (fourth from right) and members of the Mebane Recreation and Parks Department at last week’s Alamance County Safety Awards Banquet at the Mebane Arts and Community Center. Mebane Recreation and Parks earned the first-year Gold Award. Gold Awards were provided to local businesses whose rate of days away from work, job transfer and restrictions are all at least 50 percent below the industry average.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 4, the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce held its annual Alamance County Safety Awards Banquet. The ceremony recognized local companies who have committed themselves to workplace safety. 

Mebane Mayor Glendel Stephenson provided the invocation, while North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry presented the various awards and served as the keynote speaker. Other elected officials on hand included Alamance County Commissioners Amy Scott Galey and Steve Carter. 

Before his opening prayer, Mayor Stephenson told a brief story about a local plant manager, who a number of years ago gave the workers of Mebane quite a compliment. 

“I’ve worked all over the world,” the plant manager told Stephenson. “I had a plant in Germany with 7,000 people. But the finest employees I’ve ever had in my life are the folks right here in Mebane. This is where people have grown up. They know how to show up in the morning, give you a good day’s work. He said these are the best employees I’ve ever had.” 

Kim Mack, President of the Alamance County HR Association, welcomed everyone to the awards banquet. 

“A lot of things that are happening in workplaces now,” Mack said. “We don’t want to take it for granted the rules, the things you’ve done in your various workplaces, the commitments you all have made within your organizations, the impact on safety that has had on our employees, our communities, and our families. So I say thank you and congratulations.”

Mack introduced Berry, who was first elected North Carolina’s Commissioner of Labor in 2000 after serving eight years in the North Carolina House of Representatives. She is the first female Labor Commissioner in the history of North Carolina. 

“What an honor and privilege it is to be back in Mebane, with all of you fantastic people,” the Commissioner said. “Wow, what a good-looking group. You know, this is a highlight of my trip around the state, because I love coming here. Because you’re so enthusiastic. You’re so energetic. And you’re so committed to each other, and safety and health.” 

“We don’t just hand out safety awards to anybody standing on the street corner,” Berry added to laughs. “That’s not how this works. You have to earn the right to be here in these seats. And you’ve earned it. All of the hard work you did last year, taking care of everybody, earned you the privilege to be here today. So thank you for all of that.” 

Silver Awards were given to companies whose rates of days away from work was at least 50 percent below the industry average over the last year. Local businesses who accomplished the Silver Award criteria for the first year included Alamance County Community Resources, Alamance County Landfill, City of Graham Public Works, City of Mebane Public Works, Concrete Supply Company/Central Carolina Concrete, Hatchery Road Plant, Cone Health Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, Cone Health The Behavioral Health Center, Cone Health Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, and Flynt Amtex. 

Local companies who earned the Silver Award for the second consecutive year included the City of Mebane’s Fire Department, and the City of Graham’s Police Department. For the third consecutive year, Cone Health’s Alamance Regional Medical Center earned the Silver Award. 

Gold Awards were provided to local businesses whose rate of days away from work, job transfer and restrictions are all at least 50 percent below the industry average. Numerous Alamance-area businesses accomplished this first in 2018, including Acucote, Inc., the Alamance County Government’s Department of Social Services, Health Department, Public Safety and Response, Specialty Resources, and Support staff were all honored. 

Other first-year Gold Award recipients included the City of Mebane’s Recreation and Parks Department, Mebane’s Sandvik Coromant Tools Manufacturing plant, the City of Burlington Fire Department, Carolina Solar Services, Chandler Concrete Company, Inc., Burlington Plant #601, Chandler Concrete Company’s Plant Maintenance, Cintas Corporation, Location 83K, City of Graham’s Parks and Recreation Department, Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc., Pureflow, Inc., and Shawmut. 

Businesses who received the Gold Award for the second consecutive year included the City of Mebane’s Public Administration, the City of Mebane’s Waste Water Department, Hospice and Palliative Care of Alamance-Caswell, Chandler Concrete Company’s Burlington Plant #605, Chandler Concrete Company’s Corporate offices, the City of Graham’s Distributions and Collections office, and Technical Precision Plastics. 

Businesses receiving the Gold Award for the third straight year included Mebane’s Gregory Poole Equipment Company’s Parts Department, the City of Graham’s City Hall, Fire Department, and Water and Waste Water Departments, Cone Health Corporation (systemwide), and the Town of Chapel Hill. 

Those who were honored for four consecutive years reaching the Gold Award criteria included  Mebane’s GKN Driveline, as well as Mebane’s Gregory Poole Equipment Company in the Construction Division, Industrial Division, and Truck Division. Chandler Concrete Company’s Transport Division was recognized for five consecutive years reaching the Gold Award. 

Along with being recognized for 33 consecutive years reaching Gold Award status, Burlington’s Glen Raven, Inc.’s Executive Offices received the “Million Hour Award,” symbolizing 1 million hours, or multiples thereof, with no lost time accidents in the workplace. Glen Raven was honored for this distinction from July 30, 1990, through December 31, 2018. In addition, Shawmut Park Avenue, LLC, received the “Million Hour Award” for 2 million hours of no lost time accidents between January 27, 2016 and February 23, 2019. 

The following honors were provided to local businesses with more than five years of attaining Gold Award-level status in terms of workplace safety. 

Six Consecutive Years 

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, Burlington Plant 

Seven Consecutive Years  

New South Express, Inc.

Southland Electrical Supply, Inc., Safety Committee

Nine Consecutive Years 

Chandler Concrete Company, Inc., Sales Group

Ten Consecutive Years  

Piedmont Natural Gas, Burlington Resource Center 

Eleven Consecutive Years 

Liggett Group, Administrative Office

Liggett Group, Pipe/AC Department 

Thirteen Consecutive Years 

Chandler Concrete Company, Inc., Quality Control Lab

Kidde Fire Safety, A United Technologies Company 

Fourteen Consecutive Years 

Liggett Group, Plant Materials Management

Fifteen Consecutive Years 

Liggett Group, Machine Shop 

Sixteen Consecutive Years

N.C. Department of Commerce, Division of Workforce Solutions, Burlington Workforce Office 

Nineteen Consecutive Years 

Liggett Group, Manufacturing 

Twenty Consecutive Years 

Liggett Group, Primary Department 

Thirty-Three Consecutive Years 

Glen Raven, Inc., Executive Offices