New store holds "Sip and Shop" opening in downtown Mebane

The Go Girl Shoppe in Mebane is the second location for the husband and wife team of Meghan Wagner and Anthony Santucci, who already have a successful shop up and running in Raleigh. Go Girl Shoppe's second location at 200 N. Third Street hosted a successful "Sip and Shop" opening the afternoon of Friday, April 19. Residents of Efland, Wagner and Santucci desired to have a shop closer to home along with their thriving spot in Raleigh. The Go Girl Shoppe's Mebane location is open five days a week (Tuesday through Saturday).

On Friday, April 19, the husband and wife team of Meghan Wagner and Anthony Santucci held a “Sip and Shop” Grand Opening at their new Go Girl Shoppe location in downtown Mebane. 

Go Girl Shoppe’s Mebane venture is located at 200 N. Third Street - formerly the site of Karma on Third. This is Wagner and Santucci’s second Go Girl Shoppe location, as they already have an existing shop in Raleigh. 

Wagner and Santucci had a good turnout at their Sip and Shop, which provided guests a chance to check out the Go Girl Shoppe’s expansive selection of home decor, gifts, and apparel.

After successfully starting their Go Girl Shoppe brand with their first shop in Raleigh, Wagner and Santucci were eager to set up a second location closer to their hometown in nearby Efland. 

“This is a new shop. Raleigh will stay open, and this is our new location,” Wagner said. “We offer home decor. How I would describe it is an eclectic mix. New and refurbished home decor, gifts, and apparel.”

“We live in Efland, right down the road,” she added. “We really wanted something that was close by. I’m from this area, and I love the small town vibe. I love how communities come together and they support small businesses. It really gives you that Small Town USA feel.”

Wagner said that Go Girl Shoppe will offer its customers a close-knit, personal touch.  

“When you go into a box store, people don’t know you. But when you come and you shop local, people know who you are,” she said. “They ask about your family. They ask about your kids, your dogs. It’s really that connection that you make between the store owners and the customers. They don’t really become your customers. They kind of become more like your family. And I really wanted to bring that to Mebane. I have that in Raleigh, but I really wanted to bring that closer to where I live.” 

“Mebane, the downtown is really awesome,” Wagner continued. “They already have a bunch of great shops. We’re not all antiques. We have apparel, and we have gifts. We have a lot of things we can offer - many of them locally-made by North Carolina artists and North Carolina products. Things that are unique that you will not find at box stores.”

Go Girl Shoppe’s Mebane location is open Tuesday through Saturday, and is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Hours are 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, and 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. ,, or @TheGoGirlShoppe on Instagram for more information.