UPS considering N.C. Commerce Park as finalist for expansion

United Parcel Service (UPS) is considering relocating to the North Carolina Commerce Park in Alamance County, and will come before elected leaders in Graham, Mebane, and Alamance County, which share the 1,100 acre economic development zone. UPS is asking for more than $4.5 million in economic incentives over five years, but would bring approximately 450 jobs to the area, averaging approximately $65,000 a year in annual salary, as well as adding well over $250 million to the area's local tax base. 

The 1,100 acre economic development zone known as the North Carolina Commerce Park has lured major international industries to Alamance County including Walmart, Lidl, Prescient, and Cambro, among others. 

The N.C. Commerce Park, which is shared jointly by Mebane, Graham, and Alamance County, is one of this decade’s top economic success stories in the Triad region of North Carolina. 

The various grand openings and expansions along Senator Ralph Scott Parkway have resulted in multiple trips from sitting North Carolina Governors including Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory, along with numerous prominent industry CEOS, business and state officials. 

Now it appears that another leading international brand - United Parcel Service (UPS) - could be considering a relocation that could bring approximately 450 jobs to Mebane and Graham. 

The N.C. Commerce Park is a finalist for a potential UPS distribution center facility that would add several hundred million dollars to the area’s local tax base. Later this month, elected officials from around the county will consider the various possibilities of bringing UPS to Alamance County - along with the costs it will require in terms of economic incentives. 

UPS is requesting over $4.5 million in benefits to sweeten the prospect of coming to Alamance County, asking the Mebane/Graham/Alamance County cohort to fork over just under half a million dollars in land acquisition costs, $150,000 worth of development and permitting fees to be cancelled, as well as $780,000 in cash grants over a five year period, totaling $3.9 million. Mebane would be responsible for one-third of these financial commitments to UPS. 

The county and municipalities protect their investment with clawback provisions that require payback of grant monies if companies do not meet specific job and salary requirements. The hundreds of jobs proposed to come to Alamance County by UPS are notable in that they are expected to offer above-market average salaries expected to range around $65,000 annually. 

The City of Graham posted a public hearing notice indicating that they will be considering the UPS matter on Tuesday, August 11, while the Alamance County Commissioners will be receiving a presentation on the project at its next session on Monday, August 17. The project will likely make its way before the Mebane City Council at its next monthly meeting in early September.