Franklinton firm wins bid for Mebane street, sidewalk repairs

The Mebane City Council unanimously approved at its April 1 meeting a series of 23 street and sidewalk repairs, covering approximately 2.2 miles. Waugh Asphalt, Inc., of Franklinton, North Carolina won the bid with a low amount of $569,043.90. Due to slowdowns this winter resulting from wet, rainy weather, Mebane only received two bids for the project. 

At last Monday’s Mebane City Council meeting, town leaders unanimously approved a series of sidewalk and street improvements to a combined total of 23 street sections throughout Mebane, covering approximately 2.2 miles of city streets. 

“We have a lot of streets and sidewalks in Mebane,” Mayor Glendel Stephenson said prior to the presentation by Mark Reich, a Principal and Project Civil Engineer with Alley, Williams, Carmen, & King.  

Reich broke down the proposed street repair and resurfacing contract with the city. He explained that the town had to re-advertise the project after receiving only two bids for the proposed street and sidewalk repairs back on March 19. At that time, the city only received two bids and could not be opened, since the formal bidding procedures require a minimum of three bids.

Ten days later, on March 29, the city once again received two bids. 

The low bid was submitted by Waugh Asphalt Inc. of Franklinton, North Carolina in the amount of $569,043.90. The other bid was from Carolina Sunrock in the amount of over $800,000. 

“What we have been told is that everybody is extremely busy from all the wet weather we’ve had, and everybody is just totally behind,” Reich told the elected officials. “We had estimated the contract to be around $530,000. It’s a little bit higher than what we had estimated. But we think it’s certain within reason.” 

Waugh Asphalt, Inc., which has been in business and incorporated since 1996, successfully completed the four most recent street repair contracts for the City of Mebane, as well as many other projects for municipalities throughout the Piedmont and North Carolina. The street list was developed by using the highest priority needs for street and sidewalk repairs within Mebane, in accordance with the City's 2014 Pavement Condition Survey.

Listed below are the series of road improvements scheduled throughout Mebane as part of this particular project: 

S. First Street from Roosevelt Street to Austin Street

N. Seventh Street from E. Graham Street to Jobe Street

E. Jackson Street from S. Fifth Street to Circle Drive

New Castle Road from London Lane to Weisford Place

N. First Street from W. Ruffin Street to Graham Street

Winged Foot Court from St. Andrews Road to cul-de-sac

S. Fourth Street from E. McKinley Street to W. Roosevelt Street

Ashbury Blvd. from Mockingbird to Blue Lake

W. Roosevelt Street from S. Second Street to S. First Street

Cleveland Street from Jackson Street to Lee Street

Giles Street from Vance to McKinley 

N. Fifth Street from W. Sebastian to Drake Lane

E. Webb Street from S. Lane to cul-de-sac

Windham Court from Emerson to cul-de-sac

E. Graham Street from N. Seventh Street to N. Eighth Street

Windsor Court from London to cul-de-sac

W. McKinley Street from Second Street to Third Street

Deer Path Lane from Hunters Run to cul-de-sac

E. Clay Street from N. Seventh Street to N. Ninth Street

Dogwood Way from Holmes Road to Maple Lane

S. Lane Street from E. Oakwood Street to E. Webb Street

E. Oakwood Street from Circle Drive to S. Eighth Street

Lake Michael Way from Patch Beginning to Patch End