Hillsborough Recovery Solutions offers assistance to addicted residents

Hillsborough Recovery Solutions, located at 129 Mayo Street in Hillsborough, is a full-service opioid and addiction treatment facility that provides a wide range of medical and counseling service for local residents struggling with addiction issues. Hillsborough Recovery Solutions, formerly Morse Clinic, is being re-branded under new ownership. Dr. Elizabeth Stanton and Dr. Vicki Ittel are partners in the new business venture.

An addiction recovery facility in Hillsborough, formerly known as Morse Clinic, has been rebranded with a new name and new ownership. The facility will still offer medical treatment to combat substance abuse, along with a wide range of counseling services. 

“The ownership of the clinic here has changed, and we have a new name. Our new name is Hillsborough Recovery Solutions,” said Dr. Vicki Ittel, one of the new owners. Ittel is partnered in this new ownership venture by Dr. Elizabeth Stanton.  Dr. Stanton and Dr. Ittel previously owned Opioid Treatment Programs in Asheville and North Wilkesboro. 

“Dr. Stanton is triple board certified in adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine. And then I’m a Ph.D. psychologist by training,” Ittel explained. “We are still an opioid treatment program (OTP). We treat people that have addictions primarily to opiates. People who are diagnosed with opiate use disorder. A lot of our folks coming in are using other substances as well.”

Despite efforts to improve outcomes regarding opioid addiction in the local community, including providing EMTs and law enforcement with Narcan to reduce overdose deaths, along with allowing individuals to call in medical emergencies without risk of prosecution, Ittel says that opioid addiction continues to grow in the region. 

“Unfortunately, it is still on the increase. It’s definitely on the increase. I wish we had turned the corner, but not yet,” she said.

"What we're trying to do in Orange County and other counties is to provide a resource for law enforcement, for local emergency departments, for urgent care centers, and for local physicians.  The entire community is battling this epidemic and we want them to know we are here as a partner and resource.  Specifically, with law enforcement, we know that jail is not the answer, but frequently there hasn't been another option.  There have been a fair number of pilot projects around the country that have looked at ways for law enforcement and treatment programs to partner.  We are eager at Hillsborough Recovery Solutions to become an integral part of the solution for the community."

"We are continuing to see an increase in the number of opioid overdoses because the heroin, and now cocaine and other substances, is being mixed with fentanyl," she continued. "The fentanyl is coming from China and is very inexpensive, so it is being used as a "filler" in heroin and other substances.  The problem is that fentanyl is much stronger than any of the other substances, including heroin, and that's what is behind the majority of overdoses and deaths.  What typically happens is that the individual is not aware of the fentanyl being mixed in and if they overdose, then law enforcement/EMS is called.  They can administer Narcan to hopefully override the overdose, but then what?  If we simply place the person in jail and don't provide treatment, all we are doing is making that person at even a greater risk of overdose and death in the future. "

As mandated by law, Hillsborough Recovery Solutions provides counseling in addition to medical assistance with drugs such as methadone and buprenorphine.

“We use the medication to cope with the opioid use disorder. It comes with a clinical programming. But our counselors and the rest of the programming works with everything else that a person may be having a problem with,” Dr. Ittel said. “They can call us and set up an appointment anytime.”

Ittel confirmed that numerous residents of Efland and Mebane are coming to Hillsborough to take advantage of the services offered at Hillsborough Recovery Solutions. Many individuals have their medication and counseling services covered by Medicaid. For those that are not on Medicaid, there are opportunities available to help subsidize their treatment. 

“We are offering a number of scholarships. Even if someone does not have Medicaid, or they’re not working and they’re not able to pay for their treatment right now, we do offer a certain number of scholarship positions. So people should feel free to give us a call and see if they might qualify for one of those scholarships,” Ittel explained. 

Hillsborough Recovery Solutions is located at 129 Mayo Street in Hillsborough. Residents from Alamance County and Orange County, along with surrounding communities, are invited to call or visit the clinic to learn more about the services offered. They can be reached at (919)-643-1739. 

“We’re available seven days a week,” Dr. Ittel said. “They can feel free to give us a call and either leave a message, or speak to one of us live any time it’s convenient for them. And we’re happy to talk to them over the phone initially, just to answer some questions they may have about treatment, what it’s like and what to expect. They can walk in anytime, and we’ll answer any questions and help them get their process started if they’re looking to get help for their addiction. 

“We are excited to be here,” Dr. Ittel added. “And we want people to know we are here to help them, and help their families. This is a safe place to come and get treatment. It’s safe. It’s confidential. We’re here to help them. That’s the bottom line. We’re here to partner with the community and partner with law enforcement.”