Mebane has its own cats only boarding facility

The Laid Back Cat is the brainchild of business partners Suzy Abbott and Ann Phillips, who previously ran a successful cat boarding facility in the Mint Hill/Matthews area called the Cat's Cradle. Among the 30 different individual living spaces for cats at Mebane's new cats-only boarding facility, the Laid Back Cat, is a large eight foot by eight foot booth that can hold four or five cats together. For more information, visit the, or call (336) 929-1015 for tours of the facility.

Thanks to the entrepreneurship of business partners Suzy Abbott and Ann Phillips, Mebane now has its own full-service cats-only boarding facility. 

The Laid Back Cat is conveniently located approximately one and a half miles from I-40/I-85 in Mebane along Turner Road, not far from the new Cambridge Park subdivision. And while they may be new to Mebane, Abbott and Phillips are definitely not strangers to the business of loving cats and taking care of them for clients. 

The pair built and operated “Cat’s Cradle” in the Mint Hill/Matthews area of Charlotte for seven years. As a 5-star boarding kennel only for cats, Cat’s Cradle earned the respect and recommendation of all the vets in the greater Charlotte area, amassing a client list of over 430 people. 

“We were in Charlotte for six or seven years, and we had a client list of nearly 450 at the end. We were just steadily growing, growing, growing,” Abbott said in a recent interview. “It’s all about people knowing you’re here. Because once they come, they’ll come the next time.”

After selling the Mint Hill/Matthews business and moving to New England for a year, Abbott and Phillips are back in North Carolina and have built their new “for cats only” facility in Mebane. 

“We are looking forward to taking care of the kitties of the Triangle and Triad areas. Our kitty suites are very large, light and bright, and can accommodate multiple cat households. We are ideal for those cats that are boarded for longer periods of time.” 

The Laid Back Cat has a total of 30 different individual bedding locations for cats, varying in size. Some can house just one or two cats, but others can house as many as five or more cats together in a relaxed, comfortable setting. 

“Some of them are for a family of one to two cats - they can all stay in one kennel,” Abbott explained. “We have 21 of those. And then we have six that are six feet wide. These are for people that have three or four cats. They can all stay in one. And we only charge seven dollars extra for an extra cat. So you pay for the kennel with one cat, and every other cat can come.”

“We have one that is eight (feet) by eight (feet). We had a woman in Charlotte, she had five cats. She had to buy two kennels, and we thought for those people with a lot of cats, a large one is not such a bad deal,” she added. 

The spacious individual living quarters for the cats allow them to move around, look outside, jump and climb around, and even go outside in certain special indoor-outdoor kennels. 

“Normally, cats are housed in small kennels in small cages. They do have cat boarding condos, but they’re also small,” Abbott said. “With these, they’re able to stretch their legs. They’re able to climb up. If they want to go high, they can go high. They can look out the window - every one has a window. Ten of them have an outside area as well. So for cats that are used to going outside - and some people have feral cats. If they can’t go outside, they get upset. So you can open them up as needed.”

Abbott and Phillips are excited about the potential of Mebane - strategically located between Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and Greensboro - as the location of their new business. 

“I want the same sort of demographic as what we had in Charlotte,” Abbott said. “This demographic is pretty much the same. It’s so close to Chapel Hill, Durham, and even Raleigh. When we were in Charlotte, we had people who would drive from Raleigh to Charlotte to stay in our kennel. The fact that it’s so close off the highway is a blessing. This is so easy. Take a left, take a right, and you’re here.”

The owners welcome local residents to stop by their facility, located at 2245 Turner Road, to view the kennel at any time. Since the residents live on the property in an adjacent home, they do ask that residents call (336) 929-1015 if they’d like to tour the facility to give them a heads-up. For additional information about the facility, visit