MPD participates in "Community Oriented Policing" event at MACC

Mebane Police Department Corporal Eric Franklin assists local children with starting an obstacle course in the parking lot at the Mebane Arts and Community Center as part of Saturday’s annual Bike Rodeo. The event gave children a chance to work on their cycling skills by navigating a series of cones to make their way through a skills course.

On Saturday, June 29, the Mebane Police Department held a Bike Rodeo at the Mebane Arts and Community Center. Nearby, the City of Mebane held a Fitness Bonanza, where people could get information about local initiatives such as Mebane on the Move, while also taking 45-minute guided and unguided tours of the new MACC to Holt Street Park Greenway trail. 

The MPD Bike Rodeo provided local children a chance to interact with local police officers and also to improve their cycling skills. The officers set up an obstacle course in the parking lot alongside the MACC, challenging the bikers’ skills in going around cones and in various directions. Along with the skills course, there were inspections that provided children a chance to get their bicycles looked over for any concerns such as loose chains or faulty equipment. 

The Bike Rodeo is part of MPD’s “Community Oriented Policing Program,” which brings a wide variety of informative and fun-filled events to Mebane over the course of the year. 

“The philosophy of the Mebane Police Department is Community Oriented Policing. MPD works with the community to create communication bridges, avenues for information-sharing, and pro-active, co-active policing to ensure the highest quality of life for our community,” states the City of Mebane’s website. “Community Oriented Policing entails so much more than answering calls for service. And it is our aim to ensure that the Mebane Community has access to the discussion forums, the programs, and the personnel to create strong, long lasting partnerships in Mebane, meeting residents and guests needs alike, thus creating a great community in which to work and live.”

C.O.P. is a revitalization of an age-old concept where citizens and police officers know one another and work closely together to positively impact social problems in the community and improve the quality of life. For Mebane, C.O.P. is an opportunity to maximize our working relationship with the community that will, in turn, result in improved police service.

The Mebane Police Department Community Oriented Policing has been divided into four teams ranging from seven to eight members.  The Teams are made up of both sworn and civilian members of the Mebane Police Department. The city is divided into four sections.