Eagle seniors take next step in their career path

A collection of Eastern Alamance students have been selected for the next cycle of the Career Accelerator Program (CAP), a successful collaboration between the Alamance-Burlington School System and Alamance Community College. (From Left to Right): Senior Darius Ray, senior Jackson Pitts, and senior Jason Odekirk are three of the four EAHS students selected for the next CAP cycle. (Not pictured, Jhordan Thomas). 

For the third consecutive year, Eastern Alamance High School is represented well in the Career Accelerator Program, a successful collaboration between the Alamance-Burlington School System and Alamance Community College.

The CAP program begins with a six week pre-apprenticeship from June 24 to August 9. Nine companies offered pre-apprenticeships to a total of 18 students. 

A total of four Eastern High students - seniors Darius Ray, Jackson Pitts, Jason Odekirk, and Jhordan Thomas were among those selected for the program. Ray will be working with Glen Raven, Pitts will be working with Jabil, Odekirk will be working with ECI, Intl, and Thomas will be working with Fairystone Fabrics. 

The Pre-apprenticeship is meant to prepare students to enter and succeed in registered apprenticeship. It is a trial period for both companies and students.

Students will be working full-time during this period. They also get paid for being in class at ACC two days per week. Students will be in class from 10 AM to 4 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays for ISC-112 Industrial Safety and ACA-111 College Student Success.

Companies are meeting with students and their parents in the next couple of weeks to take care of paperwork. They will also talk about safety procedures, personal protective equipment, work schedules, etc.

Students that are less than 18 years old will have to get a Youth Employment Certificate. Students get paid $9 per hour during their pre-apprenticeship.A successful pre-apprenticeship can lead into a four-year apprenticeship starting in August 2019.College tuition during pre-apprenticeship is waived by State of North Carolina.

All students will be registered with the State, so even if they do not continue into a registered apprenticeship, they will get the credentials for the pre-apprenticeship and the related education completed in the summer.

More information can be found about the CAP program, the opportunities it provides for area students, along with participating local companies at www.alamancecap.com