ABSS updates public on "Grab and Go" lunch program

The Alamance-Burlington School System will continue this week to provide free grab-and-go lunches at 22 of its institutions throughout Alamance County, including numerous schools throughout Mebane. Visit ABSS's website (https://www.abss.k12.nc.us/) for additional information.

This is an important update from ABSS regarding our new Bus Stop Grab and Go Meals Program for this week. Please review the list of bus stops posted on the ABSS website (https://www.abss.k12.nc.us/) for additional bus stops and for arrival times because some may have changed. Several bus stops were added on Friday.  The list of all bus stops and approximate times to expect the bus to arrive is posted on the ABSS website.

Please remember all traffic safety rules regarding school buses are in effect. Passenger stop arms will deploy at each bus stop just as if students would be boarding the bus, so drivers, please be alert and abide by all rules to come to a complete stop when red lights are flashing.  Please be alert that buses will be traveling during non-traditional times of the day, approximately between 10 am and 2 pm.

When the bus stops, ABSS adults on the bus will direct students on where to stand safely outside while the meal bags are distributed to the students. Students will not be boarding the bus.

If you live in a community in an area of need and there is not a bus stop identified in close proximity on the list, please contact ABSS Transportation at 336 438-4000 extension 20402 to see if a bus stop can be added in your neighborhood.

Bus drivers will be cleaning and sanitizing each bus at the end of each shift to be ready for food delivery on the next day.

In addition, grab and go meals are still available for pick up at the 22 school sites we announced earlier, including multiple ABSS schools throughout Mebane.