2020 senior honored by dance classmates

(From left to right): XTreme Dance Academy dancers Kaylee Faison, Kelsey Long, Nia Hester, Jaylen Aguilar, Jordan Foster, and Peyton Smith pose together following a special surprise parade in Aguilar’s honor the evening of Friday, May 15. The dancers and parents of XTreme Dance wished to pay tribute to Aguilar, the lone senior dancer this year. 

For Jaylen Aguilar - like her fellow Eastern Alamance High School Class of 2020 seniors - this spring has been filled with a series of missed experiences and lost opportunities. 

As the only senior member of Mebane’s XTreme Dance Academy, Aguilar may not be able to conduct her final recital in front of the Mebane community at Eastern High’s gymnasium, as she has done for the past several years, as she may already be off at college by the time the as-yet-rescheduled event finally takes place. 

With that in mind, the Xtreme Dance family decided to send Jaylen off with a special moment. 

On the evening of Friday, May 15, Aguilar was inside of the XTreme Dance studios along Fifth Street, adjacent to Buffaloe Lanes, when a large group of her fellow dancers and their mothers and fathers began to collect in the parking lot. They placed streamers and signs on their cars, adorning them with green and yellow balloons. And when the time came that Jaylen stepped out of XTreme dance, she was met with an impromptu parade in her honor. 

"I heard loud honking from cars across the street and all the cameras were pointed at me and I still had no idea what was going on,” Aguilar said in an interview. “When I realized it was a parade for me I started to cry because all of my friends and dance family secretly surprised me.”

It was a truly special moment for Aguilar and her friends, as they not only got a chance to spend a little bit of time together - while social distancing - but they got to celebrate Jaylen and her many years of performances at XTreme Dance. 

“Words can't even describe how much I love these people right here, my dance family,” Aguilar said. “Who knew dancing at our first competition of the season was my last time competing with these girls. I miss it so much. I wouldn't be the dancer/person I am today without these ladies."