Local resident brings first COVID-19 case to Alamance

Alamance County has its first positive test for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Alamance County Health Department confirmed Friday morning. The patient is self-quarantined at home, and doesn't seem to be facing the life-threatening symptoms that have resulted in 150 U.S. deaths and approximately 10,400 throughout the country as of Friday morning, according to data from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Residents continue to be advised to practice social distancing, avoiding coming within six feet of neighbors and acquaintances, practicing good hygiene, and staying/working from home as much as possible for the present time.

The Alamance County Health Department confirmed Friday morning that Alamance County has gotten its first confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus. Alamance County had not gotten any cases of the Novel Coronavirus strand until this latest update the morning of March 20. 

The patient in this instance is being self-quarantined at home and doesn’t appear to be showing any distress related to the virus, which has become a global pandemic over the past couple weeks. In an unprecedented situation in the United States, the country has come to a virtual standstill, with businesses, public events, and sporting events of all kinds cancelled and postponed. 

Although Alamance County has been considered “Low Risk” for the COVID-19 pandemic, county health officials have been preparing for several days in the eventuality that the unique viral strand made its way here.  

“We have been preparing and planning for cases in Alamance County," Health Director Stacie Saunders said. "Our public health response team has been in contact with the individual and they are complying with all control measures and orders.”

This isolated case will likely not be the last confirmed positive testing of the COVID-19 virus. In Guilford County, the number of confirmed cases jumped from one to four in the last 48 hours. There have also been four confirmed cases in Alamance County’s neighbor to the east, Orange County. Caswell County, Alamance County’s northern neighbor, has not yet confirmed a positive COVID-19 testing. 

County health officials advise local residents to continue practicing social distancing - avoiding close personal contact with neighbors and acquaintances - while staying away from large groups and practicing good personal hygiene. 

“It is likely we will see other confirmed cases in the community,” said Saunders. “We urge the community to continue to practice social distancing and general precautions in order to protect themselves, their loved ones, and our neighbors.”