Mebane truck stop is scene of robbery Wednesday morning

The Petro Shopping Center at 500 Buckhorn Road in Mebane was the scene of a robbery Wednesday morning. Three suspects attempted to rob a truck driver, but the truck driver punctured one of the tires on the suspects' vehicle, leading them to flee on foot in the direction of West Ten Road, not far from Gravelly Hill Middle School. The school is on a soft lockdown with Mebane Police Department and Orange County Sheriff's Department authorities seek to apprehend the suspects. 

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, a robbery took place on Wednesday morning near Buckhorn Road on the outskirts of Mebane. A resulting confrontation led to three suspects running into the woods near the Mebane Flea Market along Buckhorn Road, where they are being actively pursued by local authorities.

The suspects robbed a truck driver at the Petro Shopping Center Truck Stop, located at 500 Buckhorn Road, in the early morning hours on Wednesday. The truck driver apparently punctured one of the tires of the suspects’ vehicle, leading them to take off on foot in the direction of West Ten Road, south of the freeway. As a result, nearby Gravelly Hill Middle School went on a soft lockdown.  

Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood tweeted Wednesday morning about the situation, advising residents and curious onlookers to avoid the area around Buckhorn Road adjacent to the I-85/I-40 freeway corridor until the three at-large robbery suspects were apprehended. 

“(The) Orange County Sheriff's Office is assisting Mebane Police Department with a robbery in the area of 500 Buckhorn Road. Heavy law enforcement presence in the area. Please avoid if possible,” Blackwood's tweet read. 

A later update from the Sheriff indicated that the suspects may have left the immediate area of the attempted robbery. This is a breaking and ongoing news story, and will be updated regularly as more information is acquired.