EAHS diamond stars sign with NC, VA schools

Eastern Alamance High baseball standouts Will Austin (left), Trevor Moore (second from left), John Hudson (second from right), and Wes Barrow (right) all signed with their chosen schools in a ceremony in the EAHS auditorium the morning of Friday, February 14. Austin and Hudson will be teammates at Fayetteville Technical Community College, while Barrow will be attending Belmont Abbey College, and Moore Roanoke College. Austin, Moore, Hudson, and Barrow, along with fellow senior Gavin Hughes, will make up the senior nucleus of the 2020 Eagles. 

On the morning of Friday, February 14, Eastern Alamance High School recognized four of its senior baseball players who have signed to take their talents on to the next level. Will Austin and John Hudson will be teammates at Fayetteville Technical Community College in 2021, while Wes Barrow is taking his skills to Belmont Abbey College in the Charlotte area, and Trevor Moore to Roanoke College in Virginia. 

The quartet of Austin, Hudson, Barrow, and Moore, along with fellow senior Gavin Hughes, will make up a huge part of the nucleus of the 2020 Eagles on the diamond this spring. 

“I have to say this about every athlete who is signing today - there is an old saying from Sister Act 2. Whoopi Goldberg, she said if you wake up in the morning and you’re thinking about singing, and you go to bed, and you’re thinking about singing, then you’re a singer,” Eastern high head baseball coach Randy Ballard said. “Everyone who is signing here today, they are waking up thinking about their sport, and they go to bed thinking about that sport. And that’s why they’re here today - from all that hard work.”


“First off, I’d like to thank God for my ability and work ethic. And I’d like to thank my parents and coaches.” 

Will Austin’s Father 

“We’re very proud of Will. He’s really become a fine young man. His love of team, others, and Jesus is really what makes him special to us. I’ve been blessed as a parent to be able to coach Will for many years, and we’ve made many memories. One of the memories is our Friday night practices at Walker Field, under the lights. Most of the team we couldn’t leave until Will had to hit one more ball. But that “one more ball” was usually ten or twenty “one more balls.” 

“As a family, we’ve spent many hours together on the practice fields throwing BP, front toss, hitting infield, and countless other drills. But the key to that is “as a family.” We did it together.” 

“Being a team player means so much. And one of the things that makes us proud about Will was any time he’s been asked to lay a bunt down, he’s happy to do that for the benefit of the team - moving a player around, or scoring a run. He’s always been a team-first player. One of the things that as a parent we love to hear - of course, we think a lot of our son, but we love to hear other coaches talking about how Will gives it all out on the field. From when he was younger up to now, with the recruiting process, we’ve heard them say, ‘You can see he plays his heart out. And he plays the game the right way.’ That always made us feel good.”

“As a man, we see how he cares about his family and people in the community, and especially when his friends are going through tough times. That’s another thing that has really made us proud. As far as I know, he has a bible verse on every single glove. And those bible verses are something that just encourage him. Two of them that I’ve seen are Philippians 4:13, and also Daniel 2:22. These are reminders that God gives him strength. And He knows what’s ahead for Will.”  

“So in closing, we’re excited about the coming season at Eastern. We’ve got a lot of things to look forward to. Will has the opportunity to continue to play baseball after high school, which is a blessing. As a family, we greatly appreciate Will’s coaches, teachers, teammates, and friends for their support. Thank you.” 

EAHS Head Coach Randy Ballard

“Will Austin has been with us for three years on the varsity. We’re very proud of what he’s accomplished here at Eastern Alamance High School. On the ball field, you’re not going to find a kid who works any harder than him. We’re proud of Will and what he’s accomplished, and we’re looking forward to a great year this year. I’m proud of you, and I’m glad you’re going somewhere.”


“First off, I would just like to thank my parents for all the support they’ve given me, along with my coaches, Coach Ballard, and the coaches at Belmont Abbey for giving me the scholarship to continue my baseball and academic career there.” 

Wes Barrow’s Father 

“Your mom and I are real proud of what you’ve accomplished in your four years here at Eastern -  continuing with your education beyond high school and chasing your dreams, continuing on playing baseball.” 

EAHS Baseball Coach Randy Ballard 

“If anybody knows Wes, he’s a man of no words. He doesn’t say a lot. Wes is headed to Belmont Abbey. He’s played multiple spots out there for us on the varsity. He’s played third base, first base, and all three outfield positions.” 

“As you can tell, he’s a big ol’ young’un. He can hit it a long way, but he hates the outside pitch. We’re working on that as we speak. I’m proud of him. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do down at Belmont Abbey. Congratulations.” 


“I’m just very blessed for this opportunity to be in front of you all and say that I will be taking my educational career and baseball career to Fayetteville Tech. It’s just unbelievable. I want to thank all the coaches. I’m thankful for EA for giving me a platform to perform on.” 

John Hudson’s Mother 

“Huge thanks to our family and all of John’s friends who are here to support him. This is definitely John’s passion. As Randy said, he wakes up thinking about baseball. He goes to bed thinking about baseball. He is there every afternoon after church. He absolutely eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball.” 

“I am super excited for John to have this opportunity to move on and play at the next level, and to continue your academic career at Fayetteville Tech. We know that is your passion, and we are glad for you. Your dad and I will always be your two biggest fans, and we are super excited to be watching you play baseball next year down at Fayetteville Technical Community College. We’ll just be there cheering you on. Go Trojans!” 

EAHS Baseball Coach Randy Ballard

“The thing that comes to mind about John - I remember his sophomore year. We didn’t have a catcher for the JV’s, so we just threw him back there. He accepted that role, and he’s never looked back since. He plays four positions. We threw him under the bus, told him he was going to be a catcher. He accepted that role and did a great job.” 

“I’m proud of John for where he’s going. He’s going to Fayetteville Tech with Will. I think they’ll probably room together. Lord help Fayetteville - that’s all I’m going to say about that. But I’m proud of him. He works hard. If you ever come up there on the weekend, you’re always going to see John up here on the field, in the cage or whatever.” 


“First off, I’d like to thank God for laying down a path for me to follow. I couldn’t be where I am without Him. I want to thank my mom and dad for spending countless hours driving to ball games every weekend. I think we’ve been just about everywhere on the East Coast throughout my ten years playing. Just 95 degree days, 30 degree nights. They’ve been there through it all, so I just want to thank them.” 

“I also want to thank my Paw-Paw (grandfather). He’s been a big influence on me due to this game. He’s built a batting cage for me and my cousins. A baseball field. He’s thrown me countless buckets of batting practice. Countless amounts of ground balls. I’d consider him my biggest fan, because he’d be the first one to tell me when I screwed up, but the first one to tell me when I did good. So I want to thank him for that.”

“I’d also like to thank my Maw-Maw. She was kind of the opposite. In her eyes, I could never have a bad game. If I went 0-for-4, she’d talk about how hard my ground ball was to second. I’d like to thank her for keeping me positive. I’d like to thank the Eastern coaching staff for helping develop me these four years.” 

“I’d also like to thank all my travel ball coaches that I’ve had who have helped influenced me. My hitting coaches, defense coaches, strength coaches. All the people who have gotten me to where I am today. I would also like to thank all my teammates past and present at Eastern. I’d also like to shout out to John (Hudson) and Gavin (Hughes) for always being there, always texting me to come to the field and get to practice on time. Anytime I needed to hit with them, they’d be there for me. They’d drop whatever they were doing and come hit, so I’d like to thank them. And all my friends who kept high school fun, kept the game fun, and just made Eastern a place I can always call home. So thank you for that.” 

Trevor Moore’s Mother

“First of all, we’d like to thank Coach Ballard, Coach Robinson, Coach Modlin, Coach Edwards, and all the other coaches for your support of Trevor, and your encouragement - guiding him, teaching him, and even keeping him straight when he gets a little sideways out there on the field. It’s been a great ride. We’ve had a lot of fun. We’ve built a lot of friendships with you guys.  And we appreciate everything you’ve done for them, and for us.” 

“I’d also like to thank my parents. They’ve been to just about every game that we’ve had. And there have been hundreds of them. They’ve traveled with us all the way from Cooperstown to Atlanta, and everywhere in-between. As Trevor said, his Paw-Paw has thrown countless hours of BP. He suits up to catch bullpen. He’s bought equipment. He’s built a field, batting cages and all that. We can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for us and for Trevor.”

“To Trevor, nobody except our family will know the countless hours you’ve put in behind the scenes to better yourself as a player. The activities, the sleepovers, the parties that you missed due to games and practice. We really admire your dedication and commitment to the game, and to your work in the classroom. It’s not just your talent on the field, but your grades that got you to where you are today. We couldn’t be more proud to be your parents. We’re your biggest fans, and we can’t wait to cheer you on next year. We love you.” 

EAHS Baseball Coach Randy Ballard 

“Trevor, he’s been a three-year player for us on the varsity side. Plays multiple positions. When I say multiple, he goes anywhere and everywhere we need him, just like the rest of them.” 

“Trevor has done a great job for us on the varsity side. He had a great freshman year, and we pulled him up early. He went to the playoffs with us. I think we made it to the third round that year. He plays multiple positions - shortstop, third base, outfield, pitcher, catcher. They’ll tell you he’s not a catcher, but he does catch. He doesn’t know that yet, but he might have to catch. He’s done a great job. He’s going to Roanoke College, and we’re very proud of him. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can do.” 

“As Trevor was talking about his grandparents, and I look out and see a lot of family members - what’s what makes it go. Without that support, I don’t think it could really happen. Congratulations to you all. The family members are what makes it happen.”