Jane Hart & "The Christmas Kitten"

Mebane author Jane Hart holds up a copy of her latest children's book, "The Christmas Kitten." The book is available to buy on Amazon.

A Mebane author recently released a new Christmas-themed children’s book, just in time for the upcoming holiday season, and will be at the Mebane Public Library for a local author visit on Saturday, October 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

“The Christmas Kitten” is Jane LaConte Hart’s third book. Like her previous books, this one was written and illustrated by Hart herself. This book was published by Xlibris in May 2021.

Hart’s previous two books are “One Day, A True Story,” published in 2015, and “A to Z Similes,” published in 2018.

Hart was born in Boston but lived in New Jersey until her senior year of high school when her family relocated to Charlotte, NC. After high school, she started out at Salem College in Winston-Salem before transferring to William Peace University in Raleigh. She also spent time in Brattleboro, VT as a child, which has influenced her writing. 

The idea for “The Christmas Kitten” came from a friend of Hart’s, to whom the book is dedicated to.

The new book is waterproof and printed in premier color. It’s also a perfect square, measuring 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches, which allows for children to turn the pages more easily.

“The Christmas Kitten” tells the story of a boy named Jake who desperately wants a pet for Christmas. Jake is told no but, when the holidays roll around, both he and his parents end up with a big surprise.

Hart hopes that the message children take away from the book is to “be kind to animals.”

On October 16, Hart will be at the Mebane Public Library promoting and signing her books, as well as giving away bookmarks. 

Hart likes to inscribe personal messages on the books folks buy from her, and will be doing that during the local author visit next weekend.

Hart has been a tutor and working to educate children for some time, which led her to want to write children’s books.

She said the pandemic lockdown last year gave her the time she needed to write “The Christmas Kitten.”

“The Christmas Kitten” is available for purchase on Amazon.