Mother Mary Walker celebrating big birthday this month

Mother Mary Ward Walker turns 100 years old on April 13. A lifelong local resident, Mother Mary was married to her husband for over sixty years, and is the longest-tenured member of Mary’s Grove Congregational Christian Church. 

Mother Mary Ward Walker was born on April 13, 1917 to Iron Ward and Sadie Day Ward. Mother Mary was raised in the Oaks community that is now called Mebane Oaks. She had three sisters and four brothers.

She lived on a farm where they raised tobacco and their own meat and chickens, had large gardens and they canned 300 jars of food a year to keep the family and neighbors going. Mother Mary attended elementary school in the Oaks community. The school was also used as the Odd Fellows Hall located next to Mary’s Grove Church. She only went to the seventh grade, but never stopped reading and learning. 

Mother Mary joined Mary’s Grove Congregational Christian Church when she was twelve years old. She was an usher, missionary, and Sunday school teacher for years. She is the mother of the church and the oldest member. Mother Mary will be 100 years old on the 13th of April.

Mother Mary still attends Sunday school and church each Sunday. What’s so great about that is is drives herself to church. She burns wood in her stove in the winter, and she is able to split her own wood and get it inside. She loves to work outside in the yard planting flowers and working in her garden. She walks three to four miles a day. 

Mother Mary was married to Logan Walker for over sixty years, from 1934 until 1999, when he passed away. During their marriage they never had any children, but she raised many of her nieces and nephews just like they were her own, and they still think of her as mother more so than their aunt. She was always looking after the children at church. You were not able to get by with anything with her. 

The Lord has provided Mother Mary with lots of wisdom and love. She has lived to see lots of things come and go. She has been blessed with good health and she gives God all the glory for that. 

Happy 100th Birthday to Mother Mary from the staff of the Enterprise!