Gary Huey

Huey’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar owner Gary Huey. Photograph by Laura Zolman Kirk.

Huey’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar owner Gary Huey grew up in the restaurant business. His dad opened Huey’s in Mebane in 1957, he started working at the restaurant as a teenager in the 1970s, and, in 1978, Huey officially took the business over.

The restaurant has changed on Huey’s watch, from what Huey described as a “drive in” when his dad first opened the business, to a full-fledged restaurant and additional oyster bar.

The menu has broadened as well. “Now when someone thinks ‘Huey’s,’ they think seafood,” Huey said, but, “actually, when my dad started it, it was more barbeque.”

Since he’s taken it over, “we’ve gotten really big into seafood,” Huey said, but the restaurant still maintains a range of menu options, including his dad’s original barbeque recipe.

And, despite Huey’s seafood reputation, Huey himself admitted he is more a fan of the restaurant’s chicken menu.

“Actually, my favorite thing [on the menu] is a buffalo bite,” Huey said. “It’s a fresh boneless wing” that Huey covers in a “sauce that we put together ourselves.”

“We try to use the highest quality of everything,” he said.  “I think that’s been our [secret to] success: quality.”

Although the restaurant lifestyle does not provide “too many hours of freedom,” as Huey described, he still has fun working on the grill.

In the restaurant business, “it’s just enjoyable to be busy,” Huey said.

Huey’s is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner, and Sundays for lunch and dinner.

Since shifting the business away from a lunch service most days, Huey has had more time to take on catering events, including preparing meals on a regular basis for the Eastern Alamance football team.

Huey likes cooking for the team, getting him “back involved with the school and following football”—which, he admits, is quite an exciting sport to be following these days in Mebane.

Huey’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar is located at 7601 U.S. HWY 70 in Mebane.


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