"You Got That Somethin'" to release on September 15

Loren Day will be releasing her single “You Got That Somethin’” party on Saturday, September 15. There will be a free, public release party from 6:00-10:00 p.m. in the parking lot behind Trackside Bottle Shop in downtown.

One local artist is about to take the next step in her music career and wants Mebane to help her celebrate.

Loren Day will be releasing her first single, “You Got That Somethin’” at a community release party in downtown Mebane on Saturday, September 15. The event will be from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. in the parking lot located behind Trackside Bottle Shop.

“I actually wrote this song for my husband Brice (Sessoms). I surprised him at our wedding and performed it,” Day said. “It went over really well. So I wanted to release it as my new single… The song came, I think, from a cool place. It started out as a surprise wedding gift, now hopefully it will turn into something that can be a little more elevated.”

Of course, Day’s musical career didn’t begin here. In fact, her journey began as a kid.

“When I was really little, I always sang. We have videos of me singing Shania Twain karaoke when I was like six-years-old,” said Day. “That was really cute for a while, then it became I sang in church. That was really where I got started singing in front of people was at church. Then my grandma wanted me to take voice lessons.”

Day’s grandmother would pick her up from school and take her to vocal lessons as a young teenager, but sports soon became the priority heading into her high school and college careers.

“Lacrosse is what got me to college,” Day said. “That’s what I did was sports. That was my identity. I didn’t really sing in college. When I graduated, I graduated with a homeland security degree and was going to go that route, but it didn’t quite pan out the way that I thought and music just started filling this void… Music just slowly started creeping its way back in to where now it’s all of the sudden in the forefront of where I’m at in life, which is cool.”

Day has performed on multiple occasions in several downtown Mebane venues, as well as opened for bigger acts such as Mason Lovette Band, Chris Lane and Parmalee.

“Now I’m hoping to make some bigger waves,” Day said. “I think with this release party and the single being done, I think it’s going to accomplish what I want, which is to get some recognition and hopefully just release something that people will like and that they’ll actually want to listen to. I hope people are jamming out in their car.”

Day describes her musical sound as more country, with some influences of rock thrown into the mix.

“I would say I’m definitely in the country genre,” she said. “Most people say, ‘well I grew up listening to Hank (Williams).’ You know, I didn’t. I’m 24-years-old… I grew up listening to people like Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. That was my era… So I’ve taken influences of that but have combined it with my style and kind of where I’m at in music, which is probably more similar to a Kelsea Ballerini flair or maybe somebody like Rae Lynn or Carly Pearce – these up and coming female artists that I respect.”

She continued, “I also love classic rock. My dad was really into classic rock. In mom’s vehicle on the way to school and on the way to daycare and growing up, you know, it was the Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw… In dad’s truck on the way to work, it was Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sting and all those people. So there’s a little bit of that as well that sometimes hits me in my writing and my music.”

With the release of her new single, Day hopes she can create some demand for her sound and further her up and coming career.

“I’m hoping if this goes over well and people are excited about it, I’m hoping this will create the question of ‘what’s she going to do next,’” Day said. “I’m a songwriter as well. I write all my own songs… but all my stuff is going to be original music. An album would be great… I’m hoping that this would kind of set the stage for that.”

She continued, “before it was cool to be a hobby, now it’s like, let’s see what I can do with this. That’s the whole push for this song… I know I can go somewhere, now let’s see how far it goes. It just starts with that little wave in Mebane, North Carolina or in southern Maryland where I’m from and you just see how far you can ride it.”

For more information on Loren Day and her music, check out her website atwww.lorendaylive.com or like her on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/lorendaymusic.com.

The “You Got That Somethin’” single release party is free and open to the public. The song will be available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. Fellow artist Jay Liddle will be the opening act for the event, which is covered by Capitol Production Group in Raleigh.