City Hall

The City of Mebane Planning Department is working with a consultant on a comprehensive revision of the Mebane Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The City initiated the UDO revision process last month by hosting a community open house and introductory presentation to the Mebane Planning Board on December 13, 2021.

Public participation is a key element of the UDO revision process. The Planning Department has launched a series of surveys to gather input on the following topics:

  • Fences and Accessory Structures
  • Property Standards
  • Open Space and Landscaping
  • Parking
  • Signs
  • Table of Permitted Uses
  • Nonconformities

The City invites and encourages the public to visit the informational webpage to participate in these surveys and learn more about the updates to the UDO:

Please contact the Mebane Planning and Zoning Department with questions.