Mebane website

In early August, the City of Mebane will transition from their old website to a new, improved and more user-friendly website. 

The old website URL ( will automatically redirect to the new website URL ( If you have something bookmarked on the old site, that bookmark will still work, it will simply redirect you to that information on the new site instead.

Last year, the city began having major issues with their website hosting company, which culminated in the city’s website being offline for, roughly, seven days. The old website also had issues with content management and usability.

So, the city began looking for a new hosting company, Mebane IT Director Kirk Montgomery said, with the goal of the new site being more user-friendly for all who use it, city staff and residents alike.

“It's very easy to use, very straightforward and it's easy for us to manage,” Montgomery said. “When we started this project, I got someone from every department within the city so they can manage their own content. It allows us to also do online payments more reliably, as well as manage content easily.”

The website will also allow the city to livestream video, such as city council meetings, directly onto the site, a new feature for the city. Things like online application and payment processes have also been simplified for users.

Essentially, the new website will be a central location holding everything that the city has to offer and that staff and residents will need.

“We tried to centralize items, instead of having multiple locations for the same information, we tried to centralize it to one location that it’s more pertinent to so people will always go to that location,” Montgomery said.

Unlike on the city’s old website, the search function searches for information within the site (not the whole internet, like the old site) and will auto-populate a list of what you’re searching for within the site, allowing users to easily and quickly find exactly what they’re searching for.

“If people want to go to look at city permits and so forth, they type in ‘permits,’ and it gives you a list of permits they can look for on the website,” Montgomery said.

Now that the new website is live, the city will be requesting feedback from users, to find out what they can do to make the site even more user-friendly.