Construction on a stoplight at the busy intersection of Mebane Oaks and Old Hillsborough Roads is slated to begin any time now, according to Mebane city officials.

During the Mebane City Council meeting, Councilmember Tim Bradley raised the question during discussion about the new Meadowstone Townhomes to be located on the east side of Ben Wilson Road, asking if the new townhomes spurred the construction of the light.

City Manager Chris Rollins said that as part of the agreement between the city and the developer of the original The Meadows project, the developer agreed to build a stop light, with right turn lanes at the intersection.

Rollins said the developer’s proposal was submitted to NCDOT and accepted, as installation was supposed to begin some time last year.

“They were hoping to have the light installed at Old Hillsborough and Mebane Oaks, probably a year ago, but they did run into some right-of-way acquisition issues, which our understanding is they have been completed and construction of that light is supposed to be starting any time,” Rollins said.

During the public hearing for the Meadowstone Townhomes, a resident raised concerns about increased traffic congestion as a result of the multiple new housing developments on and around Ben Wilson and Bowman Roads.

Mebane Development Director Cy Stober said this new light should help alleviate some of that congestion.

“That light is much needed, as I think a lot of folks in town know,  and turn lanes will be added to that intersection, as well, to allow for right turns,” Stober said. “So, it should reduce congestion at that intersection, it should make the traffic flow through there much more fluidly than it does today.”

There is no definite date on when construction will start on the stop light, but the Mebane Enterprise will provide updates as they become available.