Britt Tatterson

The Great Cycle Challenge, which takes place each September, challenges cyclists to ride as many miles as they can throughout the month to raise money for research on and the development of treatments for children battling cancer. The past two years, a Mebane woman has participated; this year, she’s pushing herself farther than ever before.

Britt Tatterson, of Mebane, is participating in the Great Cycle Challenge this month with a goal to ride 100 miles over the course of the month, as well as raise $1,000 in the process. 

Now that the month of September has begun, Tatterson plans to rack up most of the miles for the challenge around Mebane. However, as intended, her riding 100 miles will be a bit more of a challenge this year than it was last year.

Since January, Tatterson has had three foot surgeries and carpal tunnel surgery on both hands – with her final surgery taking place on August 11. This has kept her from doing much training, but that isn’t stopping her.

“I haven’t been on my bike since last, probably, October but I was like, ‘What these kids, as much pain and suffering and fighting for their lives that they do on a daily basis, if they can go through that I can continue to fight for them at no notice, fresh out of surgery,’” Tatterson said. “I can pretty much handle anything when it comes to fighting for them. I know it’s going to be tough and challenging, but if I have to drag my bike across that 100 miles, then I have no problems doing that.”

So far, Tatterson has raised over $500, and hopes to raise more than her $1,000 goal and, if this happens, she and her wife, Jennifer Tatterson, will each show their commitments to the cause.

“If we hit $2,000 and double our goal, then we’re going on [Facebook] Live and Jen is shaving my head,” Tatterson said. “If we hit $3,000, we’re going live again, and I’m shaving Jen’s head. Then if we get $4,000 then we’re both shaving our eyebrows in honor of the kids that don’t have the choice.”

To raise money, Tatterson is accepting donations through the Great Cycle Challenge website (link at bottom of story). Over the weekend, though, Britt and Jennifer came up with another way to reach that $4,000 goal.

“I do a lot of artwork with wood, so we came up with creative ideas to get donations and get support,” Tatterson said. “[Jennifer] purchased a bunch of handmade, wooden earrings, selling for $15 apiece, all profits go towards the donations for the challenge. We have raffles going on for three pieces of artwork that I’ve made, it’ll be customized to whoever wins the drawings and it’s $10 per entry.”

In the name of transparency, folks can keep track of Tatterson’s progress via her business Facebook page, FreeSpirit Wood Design, as well as on Jennifer Tatterson’s business Facebook page, Last Tangle Salon. Tatterson’s profile of the Great Cycle Challenge website will show her progress, as well.

Tatterson, originally from West Virginia, is in part riding to honor two children in her home state who passed away from cancer. Their names are Tori and Jack. 

She’s not just riding for those two, though, but for every child battling cancer because she believes “kids should be living life, not fighting for it.”

“I just want the community’s help in fighting [childhood cancer],” Tatterson said. “We all need to become warriors to help these kids and these families that are fighting against this terrible disease.”

Tatterson wants folks to come along for the ride, so she’ll be going live on the FreeSpirit Wood Design Facebook page each Sunday this month to update folks on her progress. Her progress can also be tracked here: