The 2022 midterm elections are now less than a year away and, with the North Carolina General Assembly approving new congressional maps for the state, Mebane’s representation in Raleigh and Washington D.C. could get shaken up this time around.

On November 4, the General Assembly approved the redistricting of North Carolina’s congressional districts. And, although the Alamance County and Orange County districts remained largely the same at the state level, Alamance County, which was in the NC-13 Congressional District and represented by Congressman Ted Budd, is now in the NC-7 Congressional District. 

The new NC-7 encompasses all of Alamance County, Chatham County, Randolph County and Lee County. It also includes, roughly, the eastern half of both Guilford County, much of Davidson County and contains small portions of southwestern Wake County and northern Harnett County.

Additionally, Mebane residents living in Orange County were previously in the NC-4 Congressional District, represented by outgoing Congressman David Price. Those residents will now vote in the NC-6 Congressional District, which encompasses Orange County and Durham County and western Wake County. 

The local state house and senate districts were also redrawn, though, largely, these changes were not as drastic.

NC House District 53, represented by Representative Ricky Hurtado, which encompasses northeastern Alamance County – including Mebane – has not been redrawn but is now NC House District 63.

NC House District 50, represented by Representative Graig Meyer, will remain District 50 but will now include Person County in addition to Orange and Caswell.

In the state senate, NC Senate District 24, represented by State Senator Amy Galey, included all of Alamance County and Guilford County west of Greensboro. The district, known as District 25 now, will include only Alamance County.

NC Senate District 23, currently represented by State Senator Valerie Foushee, encompassed Orange and Chatham Counties but will no longer include Chatham, replacing it with Caswell County and Person County.

Candidates for NC-6 and NC-7 must file by Friday, December 17 to be on the primary ballot. Candidates for NC House of Representatives Districts 50 and 53 and for NC State Senate Districts 23 and 25 can file their candidacy starting Monday, December 6 and ending Friday, December 17.

With the changes in maps comes changes in representatives, as several current representatives have either been redistricted, are retiring or are running for another office.

North Carolina District 7 (Alamance County residents) – United States House of Representatives

There is no incumbent holding the NC-7 seat but, so far, the Mebane Enterprise can report that six candidates have filed their candidacy for the newly established district. Alamance County’s current congressional representative, Ted Budd, is running for the US Senate in 2020 and is also no longer districted to run in NC-7 following the redrawing.

All six of the candidates presently running for the seat in the House are Republicans, and two are from Alamance County. 

Robert “Bo” Hines (Republican): Hines, who previously filed his candidacy for the former NC-5 and withdrew, filed his candidacy for the open congressional seat in NC-7. Hines, is a former North Carolina State University football player who transferred to Yale University, graduating with a political science degree. Following Yale, he earned a law degree from Wake Forest University. More information on Hines can be found here: bo4nc.com.

Marvin Boguslawski (R): Boguslawski filed his candidacy to representative NC-7 in the US House of Representatives last week, running as a Republican. Not much is known at this time about this candidate, but Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings list Jamestown, NC as Boguslawski’s campaign headquarters. That is all the information available on this candidate currently.

Christian Castelli (R): Castelli filed his candidacy for the NC-7 seat on November 15. Asheboro is listed his campaign headquarters and he has filed to run as a Republican, according to FEC filings. That is all the information available on this candidate currently. 

Jennyfer Bucardo (R): Bucardo filed her candidacy for NC-7’s open House seat following the release of redrawn maps. Bucardo owns and operates her own business in Asheboro. She ran for NC-6 as an independent in 2020 but withdrew prior to the general election. More information on Bucardo can be found here: jen4congress.org.

Peter Boykin (R): Boykin filed his candidacy for the congressional seat in NC-13 in July, prior to the districts being redrawn. Boykin, who resides in Burlington, is a political commentator and podcaster who, in February 2016, founded Gays for Trump and still serves as president of that organization. More information on Boykin can be found here: boykinforcongress.com.

Kent Keirsey (R): Keirsey filed his candidacy for NC-7 in October, when it was still districted as NC-13. Keirsey is a combat veteran and former Army Major who graduated from Stanford University after leaving active duty in 2008. He currently resides in Saxapahaw. More information on Keirsey can be found here: keirseyforcongress.com.

North Carolina District 6 (Orange County residents) – United States House of Representatives

The Mebane Enterprise can report that, currently, there are eight candidates running for this seat. This district’s incumbent, David Price, is retiring from Congress, leaving his seat open. 

Of the eight candidates who have already filed their candidacy, six are Democrats and two are Republicans.

Nida Allam (Democrat): Allam, who filed her candidacy for the new NC-6 House seat soon after the redrawn maps were released, is currently a Durham County Commissioner. She is the first Muslim woman elected to public office in this state. She got into community organizing, and, in turn, politics, after three of her friends were murdered in an anti-Muslim hate crime in Chapel Hill in 2015. More information on Allam can be found here: nidaallam.com.

Mahesh “Max” Ganorkar (R): Ganorkar originally filed his candidacy for NC-2 prior to redistricting, then filed his candidacy for NC-6 three weeks ago. Ganorkar is a home designer, builder and consultant based in Pittsboro who got into politics in 2009 during the Tea Party movement. More information on Ganorkar can be found here: maxforcongress.com.

Wiley Nickel (D): Nickel is currently a NC State Senator for the 16th district, elected in 2018. Nickel filed his candidacy for NC-6 not long after the new congressional maps were put out. Nickel, a Cary resident, is a criminal defense lawyer who worked for the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign and served on the White House national advance staff from 2008 to 2012. For more information on Nickel can be found here: wileynickelforcongress.com.

Courtney Geels (R): Geels filed her candidacy for the newly established NC-6 congressional seat two weeks ago. She currently resides in Hillsborough. Geels is a healthcare professional. More information on Geels can be found here: courtneygeelsforcongress.com.

Valerie Foushee (D): Foushee has been the state senator for District 23 for four terms. Recently, Foushee announced her intention to run for NC-6 and filed her candidacy for the seat two weeks ago. Foushee is from Chapel Hill and served in the North Carolina House of Representatives prior to winning a state senate seat. More information on Foushee can be found here: valeriefoushee.com

Richard Watkins (D): Watkins filed his candidacy for the open NC-6 house seat two weeks ago. Watkins has a Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill in Microbiology and Immunology with a specialty in Virology. He is also the founder and CEO of The Science Policy Action Network, Inc. (SPAN), formed in 2014 to fill gaps between scientific advancements and stakeholders. More information on Watkins can be found here: richardlwatkins.com.

Ashley Ward (D): Ward filed her candidacy for NC-6 the day the redraw district maps were released. Ward is from Durham County, and currently lives outside Hillsborough. She has a Ph.D. and is a climate expert who has worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and, currently, for the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University. More information on Ward can be found here: ashleywardforcongress.com.

Nathan Click (D): On November 16, the Triangle Tribune reported that Air Force veteran and small business owner Nathan Click had filed his candidacy for the NC-6 congressional seat. Click is currently the founding member of a commercial financing company. More information on Click can be found here: nathanclick.com.

North Carolina House of Representatives District 63 (northeastern Alamance County, including Mebane)

Currently, this district is represented by Ricky Hurtado (D) in the NC General Assembly, and that seat is up for grabs in 2022.

Filing for state races won’t begin until December 6, but it appears likely that Hurtado will seek reelection to represent District 63 in the NC House. More information on Hurtado can be found here: rickyhurtado.org.

Currently, only one candidate has announced their campaign for the District 63 seat and that is Mebane’s Ed Priola (R). Priola announced his campaign for the seat in the summer. In the past, he has served as the Public Affairs Director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and has spent time working in formerly Communist countries. More information on Priola can be found here: edpriola.org.

North Carolina House of Representatives District 50 (Orange County excluding Chapel Hill/Carrboro and Caswell County)

This district was not at all changed by redistricting, but it will, however, have a new representative following the midterms, as current the representative, Graig Meyer (D), is running for the NC Senate. Three candidates have thrown their names in, though, to replace Meyer.

Renée Price (D): Price announced in a release on Friday, November 19 that she would be running for the open District 23 seat in the NC Senate, then, on Sunday, November 21, announced she’d be running for District 50 instead. Price is currently the chair of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and has been on the BOCC since 2012. More info… 

Matt Hughes (D): Hughes announced his intention to run for the District 50 seat on Friday, November 19. Hughes is a Hillsborough native, a graduate of Cedar Ridge High School and UNC-CH and has been on the town’s Board of Commissioners since 2018. More information on Hughes can be found here: matthughesnc.com

Jamie DeMent Holcomb (D): On Thursday, November 18, INDY Week reported that DeMent, who co-owns Coon Rock Farm in Hillsborough and is a cookbook author and TV personality, will run for NC-50. DeMent was also formerly a legislative aide to former U.S. Representative Brad Miller. Dement does not currently have a campaign website. 

North Carolina State Senate District 25 (All of Alamance County)

Formerly known as District 24, the new District 25 will no longer include any of Guilford County and encompasses all of Alamance County. State Senator Amy Galey has not filed her candidacy for re-election to the seat, but it is expected that she will once filing begins. So far, the Mebane Enterprise cannot report of any other candidates planning to run for this seat.

North Carolina State Senate District 23 (Orange County, Caswell County and Person County)

District 23 is still District 23, encompassing all of Orange County. But it will no longer include Chatham County and will, instead, include Caswell County and Person County. There is no incumbent running for this seat, as it is currently held by State Senator Valerie Foushee, who is running for NC-6 in the US House of Representatives.

Currently, only one candidate has announced their intention to run for this seat: Graig Meyer. Meyer has represented NC 50 in the state House of Representatives since 2013. A Hillsborough Democrat, Meyer announced his run for state senate Thursday, November 18. More information on Meyer can be found here: graigmeyer.com.

More candidates are expected to file their candidacy for the seats outlined in the story above. As soon as any new information is new on new candidates, or ones already in the race, it will be reported by the Mebane Enterprise.