Privacy Policy collects information when you place a classified  

ad online, register, enter a contest, buy a product or send us an e-

mail. Supplying information is optional, but you may not be able to  

access all parts of the site or participate in contests if you do not  

provide information. Our tracking software monitors IP addresses and  

referring URLs, along with other information about what you view on  

the site. We do not pull individual information out of those logs. We  

use the statistical information to help us understand how users view  

our sites. uses outside service providers for several of our  

Web site services. We do not control their privacy policies nor do we  

control those of our advertisers.

While the information is transmitted and stored securely, there is  

always a risk that a hacker will gain entrance to the servers where  

your information is kept. is not responsible for  

accidental loss or theft of your personal information.

Information may be shared with advertisers who sponsor a contest or  

whose ads are seen on the site. may choose to e-

mail anyone who has shared information with us, to tell them about  

specific promotions that we or our advertisers are offering. People  

who register may be asked to participate in a survey to help improve  

the site or the newspapers.

Our registration list or other information will not be sold to third-

party vendors. does not knowingly collect information from  

children under the age of 13, although we have no way of knowing if a  

child is posing as an adult. We ask for parents to fill in all online  

contests or registrations aimed at children.


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