Eagles take on Central Conference foes prior to Adidas XC Classic

Eastern Alamance’s men’s and women’s cross country teams made their way to Hillsborough this past Tuesday for a Central Conference meet against league rivals Orange and Person County. On Saturday, the Eagles traveled to Cary for the Adidas XC Challenge, where they pushed themselves against some of the stiffest competition in the state. After winning the women’s individual race against Orange and Person, EAHS sophomore Catherine Parker placed third overall out of more than 175 race participants at the Adidas XC Challenge. 

Eastern Alamance’s men’s and women’s cross country teams made their way to Hillsborough on Tuesday, September 13 for a Central Conference meet against league rivals Orange and Person County. EAHS’s women’s team took the top two spots against the Panthers and Rockets, while claiming five of the top nine overall positions. 

Catherine Parker outlasted the field for another individual race victory, as she came in with a time of 21 minutes, 45 seconds on the 3.1 mile track. Teammate Alena Pak placed second overall with a time of 24 minutes, 29 seconds.  

Orange runners took the next three slots, but Eastern got a sixth place finish from Paeton Hamilton (25 minutes, 31 seconds), as well as an eighth place finish from Maddy Loranger (26 minutes, 48 seconds) and a ninth place result for Te Rem (27 minutes, 8 seconds). Placing 12th for EAHS was Kaitlyn Mason (27 minutes, 43 seconds). Other finishes for the EAHS women’s team included Rocio Rosa, who placed 18th (30 minutes, 17 seconds), Carson Story, who placed 19th, and Ryan Tanner, who placed 23rd (34 minutes, 25 seconds). 

In the men’s race, Orange took the top seven spots, while Person County took the eighth spot. Tyler Jones had the best time for the Eagles, placing ninth overall with a time of 21 minutes, 22 seconds. A pack of five EAHS runners finished between ninth and 13th in the race, including 10th place Carson Gardner (21 minutes, 31 seconds), 11th place Benny Salvatore (21 minutes, 35 seconds), 12th place Caleb Vanderpool (21 minutes, 40 seconds), and 13th place Jake Mansfield (21 minutes, 47 seconds). 

Also completing the race for the EAHS men’s squad was Russell May, who placed 18th (24 minutes, 38 seconds), and Jonah Enoch, who placed 24th (30 minutes, 18 seconds). 

On Saturday, the Eagles traveled to Cary to participate in the Challenge Division in the Adidas XC Challenge at the Wake Med Soccer Complex. Many of the top programs across North Carolina appeared at the Adidas XC Challenge, giving the Eagles a golden opportunity to test themselves against the state’s best. Most of the Eagles significantly reduced their times from the Hillsborough Central Conference meet, as they collectively pushed themselves to improve. 

Parker proved herself as one of the top female runners in North Carolina at the XC Challenge, as she placed third overall out of 178 race participants with a time of 20 minutes, 31.8 seconds. Also finishing among the top half of the field included Pak, who placed 55th (21 minutes, 51.0 seconds), and Paeton Hamilton, who placed 59th (23 minutes, 56.8 seconds). Loranger came in 92nd overall (25 minutes, 36.4 seconds), while Mason placed 116th (26 minutes, 38.2 seconds). Rosa finished in 158th place (29 minutes, 30.6 seconds) for the Eagles. 

The Eagles had six men’s runners participating in the nearly 200-runner field, led by Jones, who finished in 71st place with a time of 19 minutes, 39.1 seconds. Gardner finished in 111th place, (20 minutes, 42.7 seconds), while teammates Salvatore placed 113th (20 minutes, 45.8 seconds), Mansfield placed 114th (20 minutes, 50.8 seconds), and Vanderpool placed 118th (20 minutes, 57.4 seconds). Jonah Enoch rounded out the EAHS runners with a 194th place finish of 29 minutes, 7.4 seconds.